The best way to learn and practice Yoga

Knowing Ayurveda the sister science of yoga, one can teach yoga specific to the individual and based on the natural rhythms of their constitutional energetic ebbs and flow.  This will be harmonious with the nature of the student and will benefit both the teacher and the student in their daily practices.

It’s about getting in sync with nature

Ayurveda the sister science of yoga tells us about the effects of nature and its relationship to the human body and mind, the way nature’s rhythms are embedded within the human system, thus the nature of the person, the nature of disease and the nature of the medicine. It explains how total health is only possible if we are in sync with nature and its relationship to our individual make up.

So therefore a daily practice of meditation and yoga that is out of sync with nature and our individual natural tendencies can be disharmonious with our individual constitution and daily rhythms of nature thus lead us to disease.

Knowing this wisdom a teacher well versed in the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga will teach the student practices that are in harmony and in sync with their natural tendencies and constitution what we call “Dosha” in Ayurveda.

  • Vata is made up of air and space. Vata is light, mobile, cold, dry, and subtle.
  • Pitta is made up of fire and water. Pitta is hot, light, fluid, viscous, and sharp.
  • Kapha is made up of water and earth. Kapha is heavy, slow, stable, cold, and soft.

The doshas impose their subtle energies on the quality of the day during their period of domination. Using this knowledge, you can teach yoga classes that help balance the doshas’ inherent qualities. Ideally, yoga would be taught on an individual basis according to each student’s dosha, their imbalances, the time of day, and the season.

This is why in the past yoga was traditionally taught one on one by a teacher who has mastered the science of yoga and Ayurveda. This was done to ensure the safety and the wellbeing of the student. In this way the student will achieve the maximum results and attain their highest potential in the most effective way most conducive for spiritual growth and evolution as well as physical wellbeing.

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